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ParentVue Support

If you need ParentVue support please use the following information:

Activation Process:  You will need a key to create an account. Come to our front office and present your ID so your activation letter can be printed. Enter the first and last name and activation key as printed on the letter (if your name is misspelled in the letter or it has changed, let the secretary know immediately. 

Activation key is not working: 

  • Verify that you are typing in your first and last name exactly as it's listed on the letter.
  • Check with the school's front office to verify that the activation key is correct.
  • Check with the school's front office to make sure you have Educational Rights to the student's account
  • If you have already activated your account in the past, do not get a new activation key. You will need to click on the "Forget your password" link to retrieve your log in information.

Forgot Password:  Click on the "Forget your Password" link and enter the email you set up your account with. ParentVue will send you an email with your information. If you do not receive this email, please email and request your password. 

Support via email: